Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Death of Abraham Hicks or Wishful Thinking

In the weeks since Jerry Hicks admitted in mass marketing email that he and Esther had been lying about his condition, deftly dodging an admission of what everyone seems to think is cancer, he has sent out "updates" to the Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote subscription list that are really crude and cynical requests for attendees, both in place and virtual, to a reduced number of seminars.

At the seminars themselves, Esther, flying solo, offers not opportunity for questions about Jerry's illness while ramping up the performances by using a wireless microphone that allows her to dance out into the audiences. As part of what may be an evolving strategy, people are reporting that she is increasingly conflating Abraham and herself so that she is not receiving "blocks of thought," but is Abraham in the flesh. Always a copycat, she seems to be following a trail blazed earlier this year by Sheila Gillette and Theo, the channeling counterpart from which she and Jerry have long lifted most of their performance ideas.

Death of Abraham-Hicks: Jerry Hicks Illness, Chemotherapy and Cancer?

Jerry Hicks Illness, be it cancer or something else needing "massive chemotherapy," raises questions about Abraham Hicks longevity. It seems impossible, doesn't it, that Esther and Jerry Hicks' creation, the only channeled nonphysical entity with a surname, could die? They would have to be alive first, wouldn't they?

True believers and committed followers will hang onto their beliefs about Abraham-Hicks, just as advocates of Jane Roberts' Seth material did, as long as a flicker of hope that it's all true remains. But now with revelations coming out about Jerry Hicks' serious illness, apparent to some observers for months, a look back as Abraham-Hicks stumbles toward the end of the road makes sense.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, taking a cue from Sheila Gillette (Theo) and Jane Roberts and incorporating Jerry's experience as a motivational speaker at Amway, invented Abraham Hicks. They've been a huge hit and an inspiration to many, but now, they must be tasking themselves how long their invention can continue to chug along. Now, Jerry Hicks illness, likely cancer, is forcing the issue.

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