Monday, September 19, 2011

The Latest On The Abraham Hicks Scam

Fifteen examples, including Esther Hicks claim to be the same as Jesus.
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Esther Hicks and The Abraham Hicks Scam: Fifteen Examples

Esther Hicks Fakes It: The Core of the Abraham Hicks Scam

The Abraham Hicks Scam, played out by Esther Hicks, based on her world view and that of her husband Jerry Hicks has become more clear as the duel pressures of Jerry Hicks illness and increased scrutiny from skeptics have coalesced around them. Their responses have ranged from clumsy to inconsistent.

What you will find here is a growing collection of reasons that prove Esther and Jerry Hicks worked hard to turn genuine spiritual inspiration and interest into a private cash cow.

I started this with ten examples. The count is now up to fifteen. It's no longer rational to to view Esther Hicks or her performances as much more than calculated fakes.
Esther Hicks may have had something with her Abraham-Hicks once, as old friends insist, but over time, the message has been lost, replaced with thudding boredom and marginal literacy.

Something new! Jerry and Esther Hicks Spiritual Money Tree, Stories from the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and the Law of Attraction

In recent workshops, the Abraham Hicks scam has gambled on cult-like attractions as Esther Hicks has compared herself to Jesus. It's a bit more dangerous because, as the first example shows, she has reinvented a new narcissistic Jesus in her own image.

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