Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Abraham Hicks Scam May Be Dying

They definitely winding down dramatically, but is it a hiatus or the death of Abraham Hicks?

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LIVE Is Dead, Can The Abraham Hicks Scam Be Next?

The newest Abraham Hicks scam LIVE, written about in detail here, has been mothballed, shut down, closed up, gone into hiatus, with all the certainty followers of Esther and Jerry Hicks have become accustomed to in the months since Jerry Hicks' cancer threw them for a loop.

Abraham LIVE, an unintentionally funny title, was developed as a way to maintain a healthy revenue flow while giving Esther and Jerry a break after many years of road travel. Jerry was feeling fatigued, according to a friend, who now believes that the fatigue presaged Jerry Hicks' leukemia. Abraham Hicks Publications generated a lot of publicity about the new initiative, and after Jerry Hicks' illness became public, the even took the bizarre step of using medical updates, bogus though they were, to spin off pitches for subscriptions to LIVE.

AHP is a privately held company and subscription and attendance figures for workshops is seldom announced; so, we don't know if the pitches were successful. We do know there were technical difficulties, and the fact that a recent workshop in Asheville was so close to not selling out (which they previously did weeks in advance) that the company announced availability a day or two before the event may suggest a diminished legion of followers. Esther and Jerry Hicks

You can blame the economy or the increasing questions from skeptics and followers alike after Jerry Hicks cancer and the conventional treatment that followed seemed to contradict twenty-five years of Esther Hicks' "Teachings of Abraham." But it's probably some of both. Although AHP is suspected of dispatching sock puppets to undermine critical blogs and web pages, Esther and Jerry Hicks have never answered the obvious questions. This silence is a sign of weakness. Some followers are feeling abandoned. 

The Abraham Hicks Scam LIVE Dies
Esther and Jerry Hicks
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