Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pictures Of New York In Summer, Street Photography

Summer Comes to New York and It Looks Like This.

Balloon Girl (Soho) Giclée Street Photography

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In Balloon Girl (Soho, New York City)we see the color and eccentricity that makes New York City a favorite for visitors and regulars. 
Street Photographer Deborah Julian finds unusual characters in urban landscapes. This young woman is one, bringing a glow to the funky sidewalks of New York's Soho.
Balloon Girl (Soho, New York City)
All great cities have unique characteristics that no other city anywhere offers. One of New York's has always been its special people, be they writers, painters or just the originals we  get to enjoy every day. 

Another unique and artistically beautiful picture of New York in summer was captured in Central Park. Central Park Fantasy is so named because, although direct from hot afternoon in the park, a man seems to be taking flight in the direction of an attractive woman. They are pictured beneath the restored Minton Tile Ceiling in the Bethesda Arcade. Outside, a sunny summer day contrasts with the shadows and figures in the arcade.

Central Park Fantasy

So, in this small sample, we have visions of originality, fantasy, and alienation, captured by a fine art photograph out looking for them in New York,

For more great art on the same theme, check out Deborah Julian's Pictures of New York for more of her street and urban landscape photography.

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