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Becoming a Writer, Staying a Writer

I guess anyone who becomes a full time writer, at some point, knew it was something they had to do. Are you a writer? When did it happen to you?

I was thirteen when the novel All Fall Down inspired me to write. Nothing again ever struck such a long-lasting chord.

Three Novels: The Autobiography of X

The Garden of What Was and Was Not: The Autobiography of X starts the fictional autobiography of Peter McCarthy. A teen when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and a bystander four decades later when the World Trade Center was destroyed, Peter was lucky enough to live through the most dramatically changing years, switching directions, in American history.

Peter tell his stories as a way of explaining the contemporary world as it shudders, swells and flows through rose petals. He's a witness to a time that swamps the Age of Enlightenment in its influence of how men and women understand themselves and the world around them.

In Traveling Without A Passport Peter continues his loves and adventures, trying to clear the confusing transition from Sixties counterculture to a resolution to fit in. I waned Traveling Without A Passport  to be fiercer and funnier. It is

New, my third and final novel in this series, The Messes I Made While You Were Waiting For Godot, is now finally available. Its title could be a theme for all three.


A funny thing happened along the way. I won't even try to explain how I happened to write a pair of surprising, inspiring nonfiction books. I had a great time writing them, but I still look back in wonder at where they came from.

A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World's Happiest Man was a great, insight-filled romp in writing. A journey through insight to external discovery. The greatest secret is that there are no secrets.

Next came Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness. The book came to me in a gusher of ideas spun out over just a couple of months. Editing these books are adventurous because they original pages come at me so fast, I regularly surprised at what I find I'd written.



My most popular book to date is Travels With George: Paris, an illustrated cats story, created with illustrations by Deborah Julian, about a clever feline who manages to smuggle his way to Paris and treats us to a "cat's eye adventure."

Finally, it's followed by its sequel Travels With George: New York. The cats extend their travel skills in this illustrated tour of The Big Apple.

David Stone
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